Management reserves the right to refuse entry to, or eject without refund any person who:

  • Is intoxicated or carrying alcohol onto the premises.
  • Causes a disturbance to other patrons or Chapel Theatre volunteers and staff.
  • Causes damage to any property belonging to Glen Innes Arts Council.
  • Is not wearing appropriate footwear or clothing; or
  • Cannot provide photo ID if requested by a volunteer or staff member.
  • Is smoking or vaping.


By entering Chapel Theatre, you agree to abide by the following conditions of entry. You must:

  • Remain on your best behaviour at all times and be courteous and treat fellow patrons and Chapel Theatre volunteers with respect. This includes no talking whilst any film or presentation is screening.
  • Not rest feet on seats or jump over seats whilst in the venue.
  • Follow all lawful instructions from Chapel Theatre volunteers and staff.
  • Open for inspection all bags being taken into the venue upon request by Chapel Theatre volunteers/staff.
  • Not take into the venue any of the following:

#       Any hot food.

#       Any food or drinks (not including water) not purchased at the Chapel Theatre canteen).

#       Any alcoholic beverage or illegal substance.

#       Any item used in the illegal recording or reproduction of any film or presentation within the venue.

#       Any form of laser light.

#       Glass bottles.

#       Any form of chewing or bubble gum.


Failure to abide by these conditions may lead to the confiscation or removal of offending items, refusal of entry, or ejection from a session or presentation without refund. In certain circumstances Police may be called.